You might be interested in a brand-new planner and lessons on Amelia Earhart which is now being uploaded. Why is she important/relevant? Not only was she a record- breaking pioneer female pilot who broke numerous flying records, she was also massively well-known in the USA in the 1930s, being granted not one but two ticker-tape parades that closed down the central streets of New York!

As well as being dare-devil pilot she was also an engineer in male-dominated world. Indeed, she became a role model for women proving that they could do anything mem did. She flew the Atlantic solo just 5 years after the first man to accomplish the feat at a time when planes were, to say the least, pretty primitive.

As you are required to link your significant people on a theme, you’ll find obvious links to the Wright brothers and Amy Johnson on the site or even Man’s First Moon Landing if you want to broaden your scope.