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11-16 Secondary

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  • Covers KS3, KS4, KS5
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Keystage history in numbers

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Expert advice on 40 key aspects of history teaching, for each key stage

What our members say

KS 1& 2

The website has been a great resource with not only the planning and delivery of lessons in school but it has also been used as a CPD resource for staff. Lucy O’Grady, The Oval School (Dec. 2021)

A good mix of current reading / thinking and lesson ideas. I particularly like the “Smart tasks” which are usually directly useable as is and provide good jumping off points for topics. Vicki, Bishop Wordsworth’s School (Dec. 2021)

Absolutely love KeyStage History. It has revolutionised how I approach teaching History and the children enjoy their learning through looking at evidence, they build historical enquiry skills and have a deeper understanding of chronology through its use. I have introduced it to colleagues in school so it is now used throughout our school and also I have recommended to colleagues/trainee teachers in other schools as being an excellent resource. It works really well for mixed age classes (I teach 30 x Y3-6). Highly recommend and wish there was similar for other subjects such as Geography. Excellent value for money too! Kirsty, Beetham CE Primary School (Nov. 2021)

For the History subject leader this site is as close to a national treasure as you will find. Fabulous guidance and support; up to date advice and the lesson ideas – wow!

They provide everything the non-specialist primary teacher needs to help them develop into a top quality teacher of top quality history. Becoming a member was easily the best decision I have made as a History leader and the single decision that has had the most impact on the raising the standard of History teaching and learning in our school.

Jason Redmond, Headteacher Flixton Junior school, Manchester (October 2015)

Fantastic website - a really intelligent and investigative approach to history.
Liz Ogilvie

I just wanted to say a huge thanks. The website is making a big impact on how I lead the subject at my school.
Ruth Thomas, Clerkenwell Primary School

The site is very comprehensive, mapping out excellent resources and class activities and suggesting effective assessment strategies. This is an excellent resource!
Rebecca Reid, Christ Church Primary School (May 2014)


We love the site and have certainly been inspired by the activities which we use a daily basis . It has helped to revolutionise one of my colleagues’ teaching. The resources and activities are easily to follow, with clear lesson plans and they always go down well with the classes. We find the material particularly helpful with GCSE classes…
Chris McKie, Birkenhead School

The Key Stage History website has been a real companion to me in all areas of my practice. The resources for planning smart lessons have really changed my approach to assessments and how to develop key skills and concepts in lessons...I can’t recommend the site highly enough.
Lindsay Bruce

Keystage history is an outstanding resource! The lesson plans and resources are fantastic. They promote enquiry based learning and engage students through the whole lesson. The quality of the resources is excellent and varied. There are also excellent pointers and ideas for all aspects of working in, or running a department. The subscription was one of the first things I bought with my budget! A fabulous website,
Andrea Smith, Head of History, Standish Community High School
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