Teaching A Level History

This highly-acclaimed section of the site offers you a range of strategies that actively engage students in rigorous lesson activities that mimic the types of thought needed when answering an A level exam. question. The focus is on fitness for purpose, rather than novelty, but you will find plenty of highly effective strategies you will want to use tomorrow.

Teaching source work imaginatively in AS and A2 history

Imaginative approaches to source work

Again, 10 examples are provided on a separate PowerPoint presentation. The approach has been to look for imaginative approaches that really help students to ‘get’ source analysis, far in advance of their formulaic GCSE experience.

Strategy 1.

Beyond face value. For students to...
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10 commandments for successful source work at A-level

Although it grieves me to say it, these strategies may not have much to do with better teaching or understanding of the period being studied. They are, lamentably, the product of the over-mechanistic way the exam boards mark students’ answers. If you don’t follow these...
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