In my experience pupils have less and less contact with historical artefacts as they move through the educational system.  Whilst infants clearly need artefacts more because they cannot use many written sources, there is no reason why pupils at KS3 should not be given artefacts to handle.  Indeed, many would be far more motivated if we did use them from time to time.  Rather than spending a long time extolling  the virtues of using artefacts, what I want to do here is to offer you a number of ideas to set you thinking, with some information about what is available.

Idea 1: Odd-one-out

This is a short fun activity that uses objects in different combinations. The students have to spot what three of the four have in common. The categories can be varied.  Which one does not belong to this period? Which would have been owned by rich people?  Which would have used by women rather than men?  Which of these would have been used over the longest period?  Which one has a direct modern equivalent?  Which ones were pre-Industrial Revolution?

Idea 2: Call my bluff.

Those of you familiar with the panel game will know that pupils work in

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