Teaching GCSE History: Crime and Punishment

It is pleasing to see that this topic has been included as a thematic study in the 2016 GCSE course by some exam boards, at least. The outstanding lessons here mostly relate to the old SHP courses but will be up-dated to include more recent studies. Not only are local sources put to good effect, there is also a wide range of imaginative approaches reflecting different learning styles. So if you want to test hypotheses about transportation, have a fun kinaesthetic lesson on highwaymen or an Ian Dawson-inspired overview then you’ll find plenty to stimulate your interest.

Outstanding Lessons

New GCSE Crime and Punishment resources

To support the teaching of the  GCSE thematic study, Crime and Punishment, the Digital Panopticon team has developed Criminal Lives, 1780-1925 an exhibition and education pack for schools. This is an eight panel pop-up banner...
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