This is a massive section on the site, and one that you may quarry for years.

I have listed here all the best ideas I have seen in action over twenty years of visiting school history departments and seven years’ of OFSTED inspections. To these have been added a dozen new ideas developed on INSET with other talented teachers. In this list you’ll find : market place; thinking aloud; silent conversation and many others.  You will find a detailed  description of each in the downloadable resource file.

You will see that some are couched in rather coded language which may be a little off-putting.  As you visit more often and see the ideas exemplified in the Outstanding Lessons section, so the ideas and their short-hand names will become part of everyday discussion of teaching strategies.  They’ll probably find their way into your schemes of work, too.  Wherever possible I have cross-referenced to the lesson(s) that exemplify the particular approach.

1. Adviser to film director

A new film is being made featuring, for example, the execution of Charles I. Pupils have to analyse, cross-reference and then evaluate the sources in order to create a page of briefing notes to the

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