‘100’ Great Teaching Ideas for teaching history at Key Stage 3

This is a massive section on the site, and one that you will quarry for years.

I have listed here all the best ideas I have seen in action over twenty years of visiting school history departments and seven years’ of OFSTED inspections. To these have been added a dozen new ideas developed on INSET with other talented teachers. In this list you’ll find : market place; thinking aloud; silent conversation and many others.  You will find a detailed  description of each in the downloadable resource file which runs to some twenty A4 pages.  Just a few approaches are fleshed out here to give you a flavour of what the large file contains, with a few images to whet the appetite.  You will see that some are couched in rather coded language which may be a little off-putting.  As you visit more often and see the ideas exemplified in the Outstanding Lessons section, so the ideas and their short-hand names will become part of everyday discussion of teaching strategies.  They’ll probably find their way into your schemes of work, too.   In time an even more detailed description of each will be developed, with teachers’ comments, but never to the level

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