Teaching and learning

Using ICT and film at Key Stage 4

At first sight you might be slightly surprised to see film and ICT bundled together.  Ten years ago they most certainly would not have been.  With the advent of digitisation, however, things have changed significantly. ...
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Teaching chronology at Key Stage 4

The advent of the new GCSE history specifications for first teaching in September 2016 has forced us to consider how we help students to develop chronological understanding over different time scales, be it a thousand...
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Teaching historical enquiry at Key Stage 4

Some of the best GCSE lessons I have ever seen have been enquiry-led where students have been given a little more scope to raise their own questions, research independently and write up their findings in...
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Views of learners in history at KS4

Over the past six or seven years interest in the pupil or student voice has soared. We are now fortunate in having the data from two major surveys conducted by Tim Lomas (as an LA...
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Roles for Learners: Key Stage 4

When so much of Key Stage 4 time is spent making sure that students know enough to answer any GCSE question that might arise, it is tempting not to stray too far from the conventional...
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