NB This section of the site is under development as we wait for best practice post-levels assessment to emerge. There are a number of encouraging systems but most are home-grown and don’t necessarily travel well to other schools where the culture might be very different. Few, for example, provided data that can be externally validated. In the meantime, while we wait and develop ideas of our own we are keeping the original text as its still encourages the right sort of thinking about the issue.

Anyone who feels that they have enough secure data for Key Stage 3 to know when pupils are working at the edge of their ability may be seriously deluding themselves.  True enough, the data is improving, but we still need to recognise that very little of it is subject specific.  With no KS2 scores for history, the best we can go on are scores from the Core subjects and any cognitive ability tests such as MidYis or CATs.  Probably the most sensitive data there is comes from the Fischer Family Trust .  A brief explanation of what this is and how it might be used, is given below.   For those of you carrying out KS3

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