Are you planning to teach about the Olympic games which are coming to Paris in July 2024?

If so you might like to look at the following materials and lessons we are going to be producing to support you. Many of them may well be familiar to you if you used them for the last Olympiad. Where we say they are coming soon they are obviously new or re-worked.

These will be available by June.

For primary schools

At KS1

Pupils look at images of the Olympic games from the distant past ( thousands of years ago in Ancient Greece), from the start of the revived games (over 100 years ago) and recent games. They have to spot similarities and differences which helps them gain a historical perspective on the games, builds their emerging chronological understanding and  helps them to identify continuities as well as changes. Pupils look at a couple of well-known events, such as the long jump, that are still part of the games and reconstruct them through role play. In the ancient games they had to carry weights when doing the long jump. Why? Pupils carry bean bags to experiment if they can jump further carrying them.

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