Wright Brothers

This ‘famous people’ duo have become increasingly popular as part of a broader topic on flight. A boy-friendly choice, it offers excellent opportunities for sequencing and for looking at long-term consequences. The lesson where the children have to write a plaque to commemorate the brothers’ achievement so that it can be read by young children encourages creativity as well as linguistic ability and word processing skills. The lesson featuring story telling relay, using props, provides an excellent vehicle for developing speaking and listening skills as well as sequencing.

Wright brothers: prove to me that it really happened.KQ4

This lesson was taught by Sarah Duck, Leading Teacher for History, Hampshire LA.  She kindly describes for us how the lesson went.  "Work had already begun on the Wright Brothers' topic and the children were familiar with the sequence of events leading up to, including...
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Teaching the Wright Brothers as a Famous Person in Key Stage 1

The Wright brothers offers an exciting opportunity for pupils to explore a topic that should engage their interest, provide plenty of opportunities for drama and creative thinking and should fit well into a cross-curricular topic plan. Pupils live in a highly technologically-driven world, so this...
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