Teaching Benin at KS2

When teaching this Benin unit, you are advised to use the medium-term planner on teaching Benin at KS2 in the medium-term planning section which links the learning strategies directly to specific well-chosen objectives which are pitched at the right age group, in this case Y5.

The Benin lessons and smart tasks are based on 6 motivating key questions, designed to bring out the central historical skills and concepts related to this topic, as well as ideas for a home study and assessment task. The learning is built up progressively as the topic develops, until towards the end of the topic when pupils’ deeper understanding of Benin is assessed. Whilst we have provided a comprehensive guide to meeting the curriculum requirements for teaching the history of Benin c.1000, we have also left enough space for you to diamond polish the whole scheme by adding your own ideas.

In teaching the lesson ‘Should the Benin bronzes be returned?’ to my year 6 class, the children enjoyed a lively and thought-provoking debate whilst developing their understanding of how people’s perspectives on historical events may differ. Such a fantastic resource – thank you Keystage history.  Hannah Coulman, Henry Cavendish School October 2017


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