Yes, it IS true. No more levels. Honest. What a weight off our minds. But be careful what you wish for. It still seems to be that many SLTs have every intention of retaining them and their ridiculous accompanying sub-levels. We all know why and it’s nothing to do with helping pupils to learn. So we need an alternative that is grounded in helping pupils to improve not in accountability.

This is probably one of the most controversial sections of the site as it runs counter to the current orthodoxy in most schools.   In Years 7 and 8, I think you need to build up a clear picture of pupils’ achievement and progress in history, using criteria that relate to, but are not identical to, NC levels.  As long as you can demonstrate that pupils are making the progress they should, across the different strands, then the method you use is up to you. So, have a look at where your pupils should be by the end of year 9. Then set yourself targets for getting there. Pupils will only achieve level 6 and 7 if you give them work that enables them to show this level of competence.

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