Black and British

black and britishThis long-term thematic study, designed for Y6 pupils, is an ideal way to round off KS2 as it not only consolidates pupils’ chronological grasp of the long arc of 2000 years, it also allows them to experience periods they would not otherwise have studied. These include: the Tudors; 17th and 18th centuries; and post World War Two Britain. The planner deliberately places most emphasis on the last 3 centuries to compensate for the NC’s unjustifiable concentration on pre-1066 topics. There is an even stronger reason for studying this topic now against the backdrop of Black Lives Matter and all-pervasive media coverage of race-related issues, not least the toppling of statues belonging to those with links to slavery.

It is essential that through this study pupils build a well-informed appreciation of the issues concerning race, using their knowledge of changing attitudes to Black people in Britain that stretch back millennia. They will learn much about how things change over time, as well as realizing that some things remain fairly constant and there is much continuity of experience.

Key concepts will be experienced, as a good preparation for KS3. These include: empire; migration; exploration; exploitation, slavery trade, discrimination and intermarriage. Finally, they will be studying a topic which has been long-neglected. Here is your chance to set the record straight. ‘Until the lion learns to speak, the tales of hunt will always favour the hunter.’

PS This unit deals exclusively with black peoples from West African and Caribbean heritage.


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