Teaching KS2 Roman Britain and the Roman Empire

KS2 Roman Britain outstanding lessons

The key change to this topic, introduced by the NC orders is to place the history of Roman Britain within the broader context of the Roman Empire. This is largely because at KS3 fewer schools now study the Roman Empire. So at KS2 we now need to look more closely at the reasons for the expansion of the Roman empire and how the Romans managed to keep control over such a vast area. Whilst we will still carry on with our work on interpretations of Boudica (Boudicca), the differences between Celtic and Roman life styles in town and country, and the Roman legacy, we need to find some time to look at why the mighty Roman empire came to an end. With all KS2 schools now studying the Iron Age pupils now have a better awareness of the Britain the Romans conquered and their study of the Saxons should help them to grasp the immediate legacy the Romans left behind.

Our OFSTED-approved outstanding medium-term planner with all accompanying lessons and all-important resources allows you to teach the topic with full confidence that you are addressing all the important content at the same time as developing crucial historical skills and concepts.

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