One of the most important tasks that a history subject leader carries out is that of helping colleagues to build progression into pupils’ learning. With Key Stage 2 being the longest key stage, there is a danger that pupils simply learn different content in each year without necessarily developing a more sophisticated way of understanding it. It is really difficult to get practical advice on this issue. After all, generalised statements only go so far . If they can’t be translated into precise learning objectives they are unlikely to influence classroom practice. For that reason, we have invested a massive amount of time and expertise in showing you what small steps in learning look like in all the key historical concepts.

With the advent of OFSTED’s deep dives into primary subjects in 2020, there is no longer any hiding place for history subject leaders. To my mind it seems totally unfair to expect non-specialists to have a strong grasp of progression within each subject. Even at KS3 heads of subject struggle to articulate what it means to get better at history.  Is it about more knowledge? Linking knowledge to build up clearer chronological a picture of the past  or is

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