The Moon Landing

Outstanding KS1 history lessons on Man’s First Moon Landing

This topic grew out of teachers’ desire for ‘something different’ and more immediate. Nothing prepared them for quite how popular this would become, not least with parents, carers, and grandparents. You will find a growing number of lessons on this theme as more and more schools develop excellent practice.

With the lessons included here, you will find plenty of exciting approaches. In the lesson on what happened when the astronauts stepped onto the moon, the children research, still image and then create a simple video sequence, before looking at real archival footage. By contrast the lesson on would you take a Golden Ticket deals with bigger issues as to whether space travel should be continued. The use of deBono’s thinking hats proved really helpful here. You can see how the individual lessons fit within a broader scheme of work by looking at the downloadable KS1 history medium-term planner called the Moon Landing found in the planning section.

Our class have just used your Moon Landing planning and thoroughly enjoyed it. They loved being out of their seats looking for clues, matching evidence and working in groups to sequence and discuss. The debate as to whether or not they would go to the moon if they were given the opportunity lead to some interesting discussions. Thank you for yet another inspiring unit.  Karen Davies KS1 teacher (January 2019)


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