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Medieval Britain KS3 outstanding lessons and Smart Tasks

The following Key Stage 3 outstanding history lessons for teaching Medieval Britain have all been judged to be outstanding according to OFSTED criteria. You will find a wide variety of teaching and learning activities and full lesson plans as well as a rich array of teaching resources including PowerPoint® presentations. These are not just ‘bright ideas’ : what they have in common is a clear emphasis on helping pupils to understand some of the key concepts historians use, the heartlands of school history.
When you look down the indicative content of the 7 units it looks pretty intimidating especially teaching to for just one hour a week in a 2-year KS3. So what you need to do is to go for the high ground- the idea of an Age of Faith for example covered by looking at Doom paintings in Medieval churches and reinforced through the causes and consequences of the Black Death. I try to get pupils to see the period, now extended to 1509, as a series of struggles: between king and church (Becket) King and barons (Magna Carta) and King and people (Peasants’ Revolt). .Read More…

Teaching KS3 History: Medieval Britain

A wide range of lessons are showcased here for teaching Medieval Britain at KS3 because the medieval period is highly popular. All lessons have full resources to download. As many of you will have been teaching...
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Castle design. Would I lie to you? Fun smart task

This enjoyable session has serious intent: to question some careless assumptions about castle building that often creep into Y7 teaching about castles. The idea is that pupils start to seriously question just how quickly and dramatically...
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