Everything you do as subject leader sends off messages about your passion for the subject and desire to ensure that all pupils get the best education possible in history. This may be the quality of the curriculum on the one hand, and something as simple as the quality of cover lessons you provide when colleagues are absent on the other. Everything should relate back to your core values and beliefs, to why you want to lead history, and why you expect your team to want to follow your lead.  If you, as leader, don’t articulate your values and expectations clearly or passionately enough, then can you expect others to pull in the same direction? So it is crucial that you have a view on :

  • what type of history you want pupils to learn and how
  • what you want the teaching to be like
  • what sort of leader you are, and how you need to be, in order to lead your team most effectively

The vision

It is often worth stepping  back from the manic round of endless activity that is school life, to reflect on what you would like all children’s experience of history in your school to be. It

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