Almost every subject leader I know feels that they ought to be doing more monitoring, as if ordered to ‘Go forth and monitor!’ Because time is so scarce for this sort of activity we need to plan very carefully what we are going to look at ,why and when. I have seen so many eager subject leaders spend hours monitoring when they could have predicted what they would have found because the schemes of work were so inadequate. Their time would have been far better spent actually helping prepare better medium term plans and the resources to support them.

So what you will find in this section of the site is summarised in each of the 3 main files, all of which can be downloaded.

Key Document 1: The Rationale for monitoring asks you to think carefully about why you are doing it, so that you select the best strategy. The second page in this file offers a variety of different strategies for monitoring, the choice depending on the objectives you want to achieve. The strategy must, be as New Labour would say, ‘fit for purpose’. The third page gives you an empty grid for you to log the progress

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