A definitive paper explaining exactly what I think you should be doing in  the realms of progression to help ensure that pupils get better at history in a planned way and, (how could you forget) in your preparations for OFSTED deep dives inspections of history. You find the article at the foot of the page, entitled:Everything you always wanted to know about progression  in history at KS2 but could not find anywhere..until now!

This section offers some of the key indicators of progression in history which should inform your approach to the current history curriculum. We need to adopt a pragmatic approach to this complex aspect. You could do worse than be led by OFSTED framework’s comment that:
“Progress should not be defined by hitting the next data point. Rather, if learners attain within a well-sequenced, well-constructed curriculum, they are making progress.”

We all need to understand what they are in history, but much more importantly we need to be able to apply this general awareness to specific topics and year groups.  You will find the next section called specific/by concept INCREDIBLY useful.  It takes each concept from the key elements and shows how it should be developed progressively

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