Teaching GCSE History: Germany 1919 – 1945

Although few of you will find this a difficult topic to resource, you may welcome the variety of interesting approaches, designed to fit thef new 2016 curriculum, whether it is the enquiry into the Gestapo or the ground-breaking lessons on Battalion101; why did they shoot? This covers the war years which were often given short shrift in earlier textbooks. Other short smart tasks allow students to explain certain paradoxes. Why did Hitler turn on his former chum Rohm? Why was Hitler able to reverse the fortunes of the Nazi party so quickly after their disappointment in the November 1932 elections?

Outstanding Lessons and Smart Tasks

Teaching Germany 1919-45

Hodder produce some of the best GCSE books on Germany whether for the Modern World and for the SHP Depth Module. They have now added an innovative digital dimension with great web links and activities. Resource on Hitler Youth. This is part of Hodder...
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Why did Germany lose the Battle of Britain?

If Britain was only a few days away from defeat in August 1940 how on earth did she win the Battle of Britain a month later?

PLEASE NOTE - This lesson was aimed at Key Stage 3 but should be capable of being used with minimal...
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Market place: Why I didn’t oppose Hitler.

To help pupils to understand why so few people opposed Hitler in the 1930s the use of this market place activity has proved to be really effective. Give every student a different role card and ask them to talk to every other member in the...
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SMART TASK Key Stage 4: Why was Rohm murdered?

If Ernst Rohm was one of Hitler’s closest allies, as you can see in this photo, why then did he have him and other members of the SA murdered in June 1934? On the cards you have been given are several ideas that have been put...
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What were the main threats facing the Weimar Republic?

Students often fail to look carefully at ALL parts of a cartoon , photograph or poster. To help them to take all significant features into account, this image of an election poster is broken up into jigsaw sized parts, each slowly revealed. At each stage...
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SMART TASK: Germany 1933-34 Revision Quickie

Which factors played their part in establishing Nazi dictatorship in 1933-4? [private] This activity presents the factors in the form of an equation.

f C t D = F + V + PS + P + L + M + WO + PoS

from Chancellor to Dictator

where: F= V= PS= P= L= M= WO= PoS= Power of...
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