With the emphasis that the Primary Strategy places on Assessment for Learning and the sharing of objectives, it would seem that target setting might be the natural next step.  Whilst this might be true of the Core subjects, I think that with Foundation subjects there might be more important issues to address.  So whilst philosophically in favour, I am not going to push this approach on the site until I have some examples of really good practice to share with you.

What should we use in the meantime?

The best way to move forward is to get a firm handle on progression. Look at the progression by strand section of the site.  This shows you what small steps of progress look like within each skill.  They should be simple enough to be communicated to the pupils in the form of curricular targets.  This will not cover all aspects of work and it might be difficult for pupils to immediately put into practice a target related to a specific skill.  So you’ll need to think about generic targets too.  Work on this is at a developmental stage, but you will be able see the early ideas in the file called generic

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