Brand new Ancient Greece planner for KS2

After months of refining, we will be launching our new Ancient Greece planner tomorrow. All six enquiry questions and home study will tie in all the outstanding lessons as well as adding a dozen new smart tasks. Most of these support KQ5 on the Greek theatre and KQ6 on the legacy. To give you a  flavour, these are the 5 key tasks for questions 6:

a. Under the cloth . Images of Ancient Greece’s legacy are hidden under a cloth on a large table top. Pupils sitting in a circle around the table have to slide their hand in and draw out an image. They have just 5 seconds to talk to their neighbour  on either side and decide whether it is a Greek legacy or not. Other pupils can challenge of they think it is wrong. Mistakes are put back under the cloth; correct answers pegged up on a washing line for display

b. Its all  Greek to me. Pupils are given two stories which contain 20 words of  Greek origin, but can they find them?

c. Pupils have to decide who was the Greatest Greek having first discussed criteria for greatness. Tightly written summaries of 15 individuals give pupils a starting point to research one individual.

d. Pupils evaluate a BBC video which tires to answer the question What have the Ancient Greeks done for us?

e. Pupils create their own museum display focussing on  architectural legacy.

initial feedback from school who have trialled them has been fantastic. We look forward to uploading the accompanying resources over the next few week in term for  those of you teaching this topic in Autumn2 .

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