Ancient Greece – KQ3 Part 4 – Consequences of the battle of Marathon: Bells and whistles – Smart task

Really fun lesson called bells and whistles in which team have to make the appropriate sound depending on whether the consequence mentioned on the PowerPoint referred to Athens or Persia. This is a very short activity to help pupils grasp what is meant by consequences in history. There are just three short phases, one optional.

Phase 1

In pairs pupils simply speculate on what might be the likely effects of the battle of Marathon. How would each side be feeling? Have a brief feedback, but keep it snappy as most points will be reinforced in the next activity.

Phase 2- the fun bit: Bells and Whistles!

Pupils in pairs are given a sound-making instrument-say a bell and a whistle. Depends what your nerves can take! They are told that there will be 10 statements about the consequences of the battle of Marathon. All they have to do is to work out whether it refers to Athens or to Persia. If Athens, ring the bell ( or similar). If for Persia, use the other instrument to make its noise. The idea is that pupils have to really concentrate and don’t want to be the pair to make the wrong noise! To

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