Planning for teaching Ancient Greece KS2

OFSTED-approved Outstanding new medium term planning for Ancient Greece, matched to 2019 history national curriculum and OFSTED requirements

The main foci throughout this planner are: Ideas, Beliefs, Attitudes (especially the role of women); Way of life (contrasting Athens with Sparta and grasping that ideas flourished in a society where there were so many slaves to do the hard work!); Achievements in a range of disciplines, so that pupils are aware of the heights they scaled compared to other societies at the time; Legacy, more than just influence on today but on other periods as well (e.g. Victorians and Tudors). By focusing mainly on the 6th and 5th centuries BC you can go into much greater depth and do full justice to the foci.  At the same time it enables you to widen the repertoire of learning activities so you’ll find in this planning: making ostracons, solving history mysteries, evaluating a BBC website, designing a museum and a set of stamps and many, many others.

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