Interesting session comparing six contrasting interpretations of the original Marathon run, followed by analysis of which to believe and understanding of why we have so many versions.

Introduce with slide 2 which children should find interesting with its reference to Nike.

Set the challenge. What is the truth behind the story? Pupils are introduced to 6 different versions of the famous run that gave its name to the Marathon race. (These are shown on the PowerPoint slides 4-9 for you to print off). But which are them is most likely to be true? Pupils have to collaborate to work out which is the most plausible story and then try to explain why we should have so many different versions and not just one.

Step 1

To make accessing the text easier for some a grid has been provided RS1 which has a series of headings against which each version can be tested. Pupils simply analyse each version and complete the grid. As they do so they get increasingly familiar not only with the story itself but also, more importantly the variations between version.

Step 2

When each group has completed the grid, ( answers provide on slide 10) ask them

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