Ancient Greece – KQ6 Part 2 – Short KS2 task on the Ancient Greek legacy: language

This is a fun activity looking at the contribution the Ancient Greeks have made to our language. Great for literacy.  Pupils are given two different stories of 10 year-old children today, buried in which are 20-odd words that derive from Ancient Greece.  Working in pairs, against the clock, pupils have to not only spot the words with Greek origins but also, by means of extension for the most able, to use an authoritative dictionary, or the internet, to explain what the words actually means e.g. Brontosaurus = thunder lizard.

To stop pupils just saturation bombing and picking any old word in the hope they are right, the rules of the activity dictate that their team loses one point for every incorrect choice.

Both activities come with the freshly-written stories, just for this activity, along with the answers which allow early finishers to self-mark.


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