What can I do with just one Greek pot in the resource cupboard? Collaborative and creative storyboarding

At the core of this activity is the development of pupils’ creative imagination and their sense of the past as evidence for just one object.  To make it work most successfully pupils need to be divided into 8 or 9 groups of three.  They are shown a (replica) pot that comes from Ancient Greece.  These are available from the internet though it might help if they were ‘distressed’ a little before using, with all marks of modernity removed.

So the task works like this:

The class is going to create the life story of this one pot.  To do this each small group is given a specialist role as follows:

  • 1. The slaves who dug the original clay
  • 2 The potter in his Athenian workshop who originally fashioned the pot into its present shape.
  • 3. The men who loaded the pot onto the back of a pack animal and took it to market.  Pupils research type of animal used etc.
  • 4. The vase goes on sale in the market place (Agora) in Ancient Athens in 450BC
  • 5. The person buying the pot (is
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