Under the Cloth: sorting the muddled collection. Is it all Greek to you? Smart Task KQ6a

Step 1

To introduce the notion of the Greeks having a major influence on our lives today use the activity called Under the cloth. Simply place copies of the pictures 2 –23 (printed as A4 so large enough to be seen by whole class) from Key Question 6a PowerPoint below) face down onto a group of tables joined together in the middle of the classroom with the pupils seated around the outside.  Cover the pictures with a large cloth or sheet. Arrange for the children to come into the classroom to find the chairs forming a circle around the tables. Ask them to sit but do not explain any further.  The aim is to create a sense of mystery.

Explain that you have just received a box of images from a local museum relating to the legacy of what the Ancient Greeks left behind and how they have influenced our lives today. Unfortunately the box got dropped and all the contents spilled out and got muddled with other pictures that a teacher was sorting. So can the children help to work out which are Greek influenced images and which are not.  The teacher involved says she thinks there are

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