Ancient Greece – KQ1 Part 1 – How can we possibly know so much about the Ancient Greeks who lived over 2,500 years ago?

Any study of ancient Greek society must begin with an appreciation of the physical features of Greece. Landform and climate do not explain the vast and varied achievements of the ancient Greeks, but they have determined and influenced many of the political economic and social developments for which ancient Greece is remembered.

These introductory activities help KS2 pupils locate Ancient Greece in space and time and also focuses on the key aspect of working out how we can be sure about life there 2500 yrs ago.

Smart task

To make pupils’ introduction to the geography of Greece as hands-on as possible, start with an activity called Fastest Fingers First. Pupils are given a relief map of Greece today from an atlas. Slide 2 could be used, but your school’s atlases would be better.  Slide 2 is mainly for feedback onto as it is not too cluttered.

The activity works like this. Pupils working in pairs take it in turns to find a feature of the landscape and then see who can get the most points. To reinforce the key points you might want to replay it a couple of times. The key points that need to emerge are:

  • a. Long
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