How Great is your Greek? KQ6c

Pupils have to select a team of 11 Great Greeks. They do this by preparing and then evaluating 14 different presentations about 14 Ancient Greeks  as explained on slide 2 of the PowerPoint presentation. As they prepare focus their thinking on what makes someone ‘great’.  Examples for Sophocles and Aristotle are given on slides 3 and 4 to help them get a feel for the task. Slide 5 reinforces what they should be concentrating on in their presentation.

The resources to support pupils’ research are provided as RS1. 14 individuals have been identified. You may want to add or subtract from this list. Additionally, you might want to extend or modify the help sheets but be careful not to do everything for the pupils. They should be researching for themselves as part of the task.

I’ll leave it to you to decide which pupils should receive which Ancient Greek, but clearly you will need to consider the motivation and prior attainment of the pupils so that they all get something that offers a challenge without it being too daunting or presenting an initial obstacle that dents their confidence.

By way of a fun product pupils select their best 11 create

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