Why was Athens able to be so strong in the 5th and 6th century BC? KQ3

Part 1 looks at characteristic features of Classical Athens. This is a simple teacher-led explanation using a few PowerPoint clues.
Part 2 Looks at the causes of the unlikely victory of Athens over Persia and is a separate full outstanding lesson – The Battle of Marathon: a history mystery
Part 3 Explores interpretations of the Battle of Marathon in depth.
Part 4 Looks briefly at consequences of the Battle of Marathon

Part 1


As much of the approach to the Ancient Greece topic focuses on Athens it is worth explaining why Athens established this supremacy both within Greece itself and then in conflict with her neighbours, especially Persia. The PowerPoint (see resources section below) steers pupils through the necessary contextual background before launching the main enquiry which is a history mystery. Simply go through the PowerPoint explaining how a second-rate city state managed to end up as the most powerful city. Pupils could start by speculating as to possible reasons before they are introduced to the main five that historians tend to give. It might be helpful for pupils to create a simple spider diagram to list the five main reasons covered on the PowerPoint, using a simple image

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