Ancient Greece – KQ4 Part 2 Additional information – Ancient Greek democracy. Or what links Red painted rope, an idiot ,and piloting the ship.

This article supports the fully resourced outstanding lesson on democracy that can be found here

Democracy is made from two words: Demos means people, Kratos mean power

Interesting fact
The Assembly met on the Pnyx at dawn. A quorum of 6,000 was needed. So men were employed to ensure that as many as possible attended. Those men who didn’t look as if they were going to take part were literally ROPED IN. Rope dipped in red paint was used to herd men toward the hill where the Assembly met.

What are the features of Greek democracy they need to know about?

1. Equal rights. All adult MALE citizens over 18 had the right to debate and vote regardless of birth, wealth, strength, intelligence.
2. All citizens had the right to stand for office. They were paid to be an official and to sit on a jury. When they reached the age of 30 they could stand for the Council of 500- a sort of steering committee for the Assembly
3. Freedom of speech
4. Respect for authority
5.Obedience to the law
6. Citizens should play an active part in politics and should know enough about issues to contribute to debate.

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