OFSTED to stop grading history teachers’ lessons

Well it might be too good to be true, but in a pilot to start in Birmingham on Monday OFSTED are NOT going to grade individual lessons.Instead their comments will be on strengths and areas to improve. It sounds almost helpful. Nothing can erase the massive damage caused to a generation of teachers, but we might be able to spare the next one. At last the truth is dawning on OFSTED. They are too inconsistent and they don’t know enough about judging teaching in small timeslots. We’ve been telling them this for years but they still keep tinkering with their broken system.Let’s come up with another set of criteria for ‘good’- the seventh version on record!. And heaven help anyone who is ‘very good’. Apparently you don’t exist.You must be permanently schizophrenic:am I outstanding or just ‘good’?

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