Many of you will have read the lengthy OFSTED paper on research findings into the history curriculum published in 2021, and many more will have read my summary of the key points you need to know from it. But have any of you spent s deliriously happy 75 minutes listening to/watching the latest OFSTED Webinar on history in the curriculum insights series? If you haven’t, you may not want to bother. Not only is it plonkingly repetitive, it is also very heavily KS2 and 3 biased with nothing worth mentioning on EYFS and KS1.

Curriculum and progression

The video (basically voice over a few PowerPoint slides) talks about ‘Setting out the journey’ e.g. broad chronological knowledge, but HOW can this be achieved?  References are made to ensuring that pupils can make ‘useful associations’ with periods e.g. knowing what is typically Tudor or medieval with some chronological markers of key dates as well as aspects of daily life, such as how people travelled.

This is seen as being achieved within lessons, sequences of lessons as well as in topic overall so that pupils can build their own mental timeline of the past. Amazingly no reference was made here to

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