As its impossible for you to know what comments OFSTED are making when commenting on history in individual schools, we undertake a systematic trawl from time to time to ensure that our advice about OFSTED’s comment is bang up-to-date. Here is a short extract from one school’s recent report.

Below is a verbatim excerpt from a recent OFSTED report, just so you know the type of issue they are commenting on.

You have identified that the curriculum does not fully promote older pupils’ ability to make connections between things that they have learned or to think as deeply about causation, change or significance as they might. To tackle this, you are reviewing curriculum plans to make more explicit the historical concepts that pupils will revisit over time in different contexts. You are planning further opportunities for older pupils to write higher-quality written responses to historical questions, reflecting the debates that exist in the subject. In addition, you are changing the way teachers use assessment. This is helping teachers to be clearer about what pupils can remember, and pupils to understand better how to improve in history