10 things history leaders need to know about the OFSTED 2019 Framework

10 things you need to know about leading history and the 2019 OFSTED framework

  1. You will have to show that you are in fact teaching history(and not just doing literacy disguised as history, or very tenuous cross-curricular links). This means teaching not only the content of history but also the crucial skills and concepts including developing a big picture of the pastr. It is not enough to say you are studying the NC. When you now have scope to modify it, have you taken advantage of this freedom? Have you made the history curriculum as relevant as you can to the pupils in your school. Ofsted will not make a judgement about the curriculum structure you teach ( i.e. as a discrete  subject or not but you need to be aware of the critical comments about KS2 cross-curricular topic work they have committed to in print over the last few years . See my earlier blog about using chocolate as a topic theme for studying the Maya.
  2. You will need to consider in detail the purpose and value of historyin your curriculum. Why is it given a prominent place in the curriculum? How does it lead to intended
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