What does INTENT actually mean for primary history in the new OFSTED Framework for 2019? Building blocks and the Big Picture

Nothing could be simpler: intent is everything up to the point at which teaching happens in the classroom. It is what you intend pupils to learn. What knowledge, what skills, what conceptual understanding what habits of thought? How is the learning made progressive? How does content build a broader view of the past that is connected not just random dollops of topics? How do you build a big picture of the past? How do you ensure that pupils build a respect for evidence and an awareness that the past is susceptible to different interpretations? When does this happen? Is it coherently planned or does it just happen by chance?

If you are worried that OFSTED are looking for something novel or different from your existing good practice , think again. As stated in the EIF of 2019, intent has the following features that already exist in most schools:

  1. A curriculum that is ambitious for all pupils. Is the curriculum providing pupils with the building blocks of what they need to know and be able to do to succeed in
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