1. DON’T assume that OFSTED has an expectation of what constitutes schemes of work: they don’t

I mention this because you can spend so long trying to get the paperwork together at the expense of making sure all staff know what they are trying to achieve in their teaching of history.

2. DON’T assume that simply listing and ordering the topics you teach passes for ’sequencing the learning’

Focus instead on trying to explain the curriculum choices you make. Why have you chosen to teach the Maya, and why have you chosen to do two local studies at either end of the key stage and why have you linked your local study with the Victorians topic? Why have you not chosen chronological order of topics in KS1 but have done in KS2, by and large?

3. DON’T create spurious progression grids which have no content

It is a waste of your time and there is no agreed view on progression in history anyway. Attempts to return to the old statements of attainment in a different guise are bound to fail. You will see on the site that we do offer guidance on progression in each strand, based on most recent

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