What does a new deep dive 2019 inspection look like for history?

Basically, there are 6 areas that the history subject leader may expect to be involved in

  1. Exploration of medium/long term plans for history
  2. Meetings with history leader(s)
  3. Observations/Learning Walks (often with the history leader). If history isn’t taught on the day of inspection then they understand that but there would have to be a subject agreed that was taught during the inspection as not all deep dives could miss this aspect of it.
  4. Work scrutiny
  5. Meetings with teachers teaching history
  6. Meetings with children about their learning in history

OFSTED will be looking in great detail at the curriculum. This will go far beyond the organisation of National Curriculum programmes of study. This will be challenging e.g. why are they learning that aspect of history in Y2? How does that build on what we saw in Y1/EYFS? etc.

Inspectors will stress that, even if subjects were called something different, they would expect an understanding of how EYFS areas of learning feed into NC programmes of study from Y1. Transition and preparation for the next stage of education will be  a constant theme.

The team will not be rigidly looking solely

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