GCSE history

New GCSE Crime and Punishment resources

To support the teaching of the  GCSE thematic study, Crime and Punishment, the Digital Panopticon team has developed Criminal Lives, 1780-1925 an exhibition and education pack for schools. This is an eight panel pop-up banner exhibition that uses historical images and archival documents to explore...
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French Revolution-what do the 1793 playing cards tell us?

Interesting new lesson on using 12 colourful playing cards to encourage students to work out what mattered most to the revolutionaries in 1793. Having had the analysis of one card modelled for them , students work collaboratively to decode the eleven others, each group working...
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Understanding the new GCSE history 9-1 grading system

If you would like to find out more about the new grading system and its rationale then visit http://www.ocr.org.uk/blog/view/grading-the-new-gcses which explains how the grading system has been adapted to allow for more differentiation of grades at middle and 'top' end , with fewer grades for the lower-attaining...
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10 most significant battles of World War One

Staff from the Imperial War Museums have just published their list of the 10 most significant battles of the First World War. Why not try to predict them in your department and then discuss what we really mean by SIGNIFICANT. Should help you grasp pupils'...
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10 top ways to improve learning in history and GCSE results

10 top ways of raising standards in GCSE history 1. Focus each lesson/series of lessons around an enquiry question(s) showing how this relates to GCSE style questions that have occurred or might appear on the paper 2. Motivate students of all abilities with varied and interesting activities,...
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