Top 20 most visited pages of 2021

We thought you might be interested in the most visited pages of the website over the last year. As you would expect, most relate to the largest key stage( KS2) and reflect the core topics on the National Curriculum. It is pleasing to see a strong KS1 interest too. We will be repeating this analysis in the next bulletin, in the hope that you might discover popular pages you haven’t yet come across. If you have any particular favourite pages on the site we would love to hear from you. Just email us here.


Title Level
1 The mystery of the empty Saxon Grave KS2
2 Why did Britain have to go to War in 1939 KS2
3 Starting the enquiry into Ancient Greece KS2
4 Outstanding Scheme of Work for Stone Age to Iron Age KS2
5 Stone Age to Iron Age – Is it true to say that Stone Age man was just a simple hunter gatherer only interested in food and shelter? KS2
6 What do deep dive OFSTED inspections look like for history? All
7 Vikings – KQ1 – What image do we have of the Vikings? KS2
8 Ancient Egypt – KQ3 part 1 – The opening of Tutankhamun’s tomb KS2
9 Roman Britain – KQ1 part 1 – From Caesar’s invasions to Claudius’ conquest KS2
10 Teaching about the past in EYFS KS1
11 Roman Britain – KQ1 part 1 – From Caesar’s invasions to Claudius’ conquest KS2
12 What do we remember on Poppy Day / Remembrance Day? KS1
13 The Great Fire – KQ1 – How can we work out why the Great Fire started? New enquiry KS1
14 Ancient Egypt – KQ1 – Launching the Enquiry. So you think you know about Ancient Egypt? KS2
15 Anglo-Saxons – KQ1b – Where did the early Anglo-Saxons live and how do we know? Bells and whistles KS2
16 Vikings – KQ2 – Reasons for Vikings’ bad reputation KS2
17 Ancient Greece – KQ2 Part 1 – What can we work out about everyday life in Ancient Athens? KS2
18 Ancient Greece – KQ1 Part 2 – Theseus and the Minotaur: Is there any evidence for the legend? KS2
19 Stone Age to Iron Age – KQ3 – What can we learn about life in the Stone Age from a study of Skara Brae? KS2
20 The Great Fire – KQ2 – What happened during the Great Fire and how do we know? KS1


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