Pleasing to see subscribers focusing much more on assessment and progression: launch of three new KS2 assessment tasks.

Understanding how pupils get better at history is key to improving the teaching of the subject at any level. In primary schools it is particularly hard so I’m delighted to see so many of you using the detailed advice on progression at KS1 and at KS2. Closely linked to progression is assessment of course. Having set out your expectations how do you know they have been met? What are your success criteria? Look at how they flow from your learning  objectives and your learning objectives and your  progression map. Suddenly it all start to fit together rather than being seen as three separate time-consuming tasks.

If you are interested in trialling assessment tasks at Ks1 and 2, then start with the ones already uploaded on the site. Mofre are in draft. This morning I sent out three more on : the reasons why the Spanish Armada failed ( focus: causation)  a second on significant  changes in Victorian times, and the third  on contrasting interpretations of the Vikings.

Subscribers can request copies in draft form by email and for which we would love feedback.

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