Ending Pay per Post

As of 6 pm this evening we have disabled the pay Per Post facility which enabled non-subscribers to purchase individual items. We originally introduced this facility a few years ago as a response to teachers’ call for access to just parts of the site, rather than having to subscribe to the whole site. Whilst we we sympathetic to this general principle, and pleased that teachers would be using some of the site, at least,it has become increasingly clear to me that we are pandaring to the ‘smash and grab’ merchants who have no interest in professional development and are merely looking for a quick fix at a low cost. More often than not it is linked to a forthcoming observation. Without wanting to sound too precious about this, we have come to a decision that we would rather focus on subject leadership and not on resources per se. These can be found elsewhere with Twinkl, Plan B and Save Our Sundays. We will still feature the outstanding lessons, of course, because we firmly believe that we all need to see high standards exemplified. But we will not be offering one-off lessons for sale, even though it has brought us good income.

Instead we are working hard to bundle together the planner and all the lessons for a given topic. This will ensure that the principles of keystage history still shine through, whilst allowing individual teachers to teach their history-led topic much better, without breaking the bank. We are particularly conscious that classroom teachers often find that their school is unable, or unwilling, to subscribe yet they see the virtue for themselves. For such teachers we are going to make all the material available at amid-price point, to be decided , but it will be about £25+VAT. This will give teachers access to everything on the topic they are teaching that term; high quality planner; full set of outstanding lessons,;assessment tasks; and pupils’ work,  relevant blogs and  latest research .

We hope that subscribers see what we are trying to do, as you are our core market. I know it will be disappointing for those who have always purchased favourite one-off lessons, and we apologise that this will no longer be available.


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