Louis Braille – KQ5 – What makes Braille so special? Smart task

This very short task is preliminary to the major task that follows in KQ6 which explores how we should commemorate Louis’ achievement. It is important that they consider the crucial role his character played. His single-minded determination from one so young is simply extraordinary and inspiring. It’s really important that these rare qualities are brought out so they don’t just focus on the mechanics of the system.

Activity 1

Pupils start by generating possible adjectives to describe Braille’s special qualities, drawing on their knowledge of the story of his life and the hot seating from session 3. Capture these on the IWB for future reference.

Activity 2

Pupils are then given a list of 13 possible adjectives on PowerPoint slide 2 . Which might be used to describe Braille and which 4 should not, in their opinion?

Activity 3

Now reduce the number of adjectives to just 10 using RS1. Which are the three qualities that most people don’t have but Louis definitely had, to make to make him so special? Ask each group to vote for their top 3. Keep a tally on the IWB which you will want to return to in the next session.


louis braille  What made

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