Key Stage 1 assessment in history

It is really hard to find quality examples of assessment tasks at Key Stage 1 that actually work in the classroom with children of all abilities, especially the youngest children.  New to the site is one such task assessing Year 1 children’s understanding of how different going for a swim in the sea was 100 years ago.

This activity focuses on a simple question.  Children have to identify the features, from a clear coloured A4 picture, that tell them this image was not from today but from roughly 100 years ago.  Some children annotate the picture, others have an LSA to scribe for them. More confident writers produce a short explanation.  For a copy of the detailed mark scheme, along with examples of children’s responses to the task you will need to subscribe to the site.  You will see there the suggestion for Y2 pupils to look at change over time using three pictures.  Work for this task will appear on the subscription part of the site shortly.