Wright Brothers – KQ3 activity 1 – Why did the Wright brothers succeed where others had failed?

Sarah Duck describes how her class tackled this key question.

The task involves children reading small diamond-shaped text cards, to decide which statements are true or false. They then put aside the false ones and work only with the true ones.  The next task is to prioritise them in their order of importance or relevance in answering the question.  The most important of the 4 goes at the top, the least important at the bottom, thus creating a big diamond shape from the 4 small diamond cards.  Having numbers on them makes it easier to check and to feedback.  I was uncertain whether the reading ability of my class would match the content of the statement cards or whether their reasoning skills would be up to ordering the arguments.  But they proved me wrong!  As a class we began to think about what it was that made the Wright brothers able to do something that nobody else had managed.  I provided the children with the statement cards, and we looked at large copies of the cards as a class to make sure the children were confident with the text and language on the cards.  The children were then asked

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