Mention the teaching of chronology to most infant teachers and their eyes glaze over.  Their experience is that it is like picking up mercury with a fork.  One minute the children seem to have grasped it, the next it’s gone.  They know about the past, but are still putting their chairs on tables ready to go home just after lunchtime.  So what are we to do?  I suggest that we approach the concept methodically with quite a lot of consolidation, but also a fair amount of ambition .

Some interesting approaches

1. Sequencing. This can be simply parts of a story, but it could also be images through time.  It could be events in children’s lives.  When looking at Famous Events or people’s lives you will use sequencing a lot.  I like to use pictures wherever possible, and not all at once.  Why not begin with say 3 or 4 images?  You can always drip feed in more on demand.  That way you build confidence and then increase the level of challenge.

By Year 2 pupils should be familiar with the concept of change, as well as past and present.  If you are looking for a simple ICT activity

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