Amy Johnson – KQ3 – Why was flying to Australia so difficult for Amy Johnson?

Having heard the story of Amy Johnson’s life, pupils are now asked to focus their attention on explaining why it was such a difficult feat for Amy to achieve at that time. Can they think of any ideas themselves before working out from clues on the PowerPoint the reasons why Amy’s journey proved hazardous?

Side image from Little Wings: The Story of Amy Johnson written by F J Beerling and illustrated by Gareth Bowler, FairyFaye Publications, 2016 price just £4.99

Step 1

In threes, can children come up with one idea in a few minutes?   Ask for ideas and log them. Some will be spot on, others a little wayward. Don’t try to rule any out at this stage.

Step 2

Now use slide 2 to give children some idea of the length of the journey. The map won’t mean much to them but if you can talk through the route it will give them an impression of lots of separate journeys lasting a long time. Stress also the sheer audacity of the enterprise and what Amy needed to do in a man’s world. She had to convince people it was possible for a woman, who hadn’t been flying long

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