The focus on the dramatic story of Boudica is a good opportunity to help pupils to understand why things happen in history, but it also open a window onto the wider world of the massive Roman Empire. Present this as a set back less than 20 years after Claudius invasion during which time the Romans conquered land from Devon to the Humber, then Wales and Cornwall and moved the frontier north to the borders of what is now Scotland. There was opposition to this rule which is why the Romans had to build forts . The most serious opposition came in the form of Boudica’s revolt in AD 60.

You will see that the lesson looks at 2 distinct aspects: an active way of looking at the course of the revolt using a living graph approach, and then an analysis of the reasons for it.

The action takes places in Colchester. This is important. This town was intended as the seat of the Imperial cult i.e. the formal worship of Rome and the Imperial Family which focused the loyalty of the province. Soon London was to take over as the major centre.

Context for the revolt

In terms of time,

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